Skills Training

Elevate Basketball Academy offers basketball Clinics/Classes for players of all skill levels year round. Select the month below to view our class schedule and then click on the class time you would like to be redirected to the i9 Sports online registration page to complete your registration. Please send Cindy Martin, Director of Player Development/Head Coach, an email with any questions about Elevate Clinics/Classes or to have a program recommended for your player:

player skill level descriptions


If you are new to Basketball & new to Elevate Basketball Academy we recommend you start with a class for beginners. We will focus on the basic fundamentals of basketball.


If you have already taken Hoop School or other skills training classes and/or have played in a league we recommend classes that are listed as intermediate or all skill levels. Players need to have average ball handling skills and should be able to compete in a live scrimmage or fast paced drill.


Advanced players have taken and excelled in skills training classes, played in a competitive league and on an organized team. Players must have good ball handling skills or have been invited to take Advanced level classes.


Elite players at Elevate are very competitive. Players have taken skills training classes, have played on a competitive AAU/Travel team and/or School Team. Elite players must have advanced ball handling skills and are on pace to play competitively for their middle school and high school teams.


class descriptions

Hoop School

Created to teach basketball fundamentals to players of all skill levels and the best class to start with for beginning and intermediate players. Learn proper shooting form, footwork, layups, passing, along with more advanced team transition drills and scrimmages each day. Players take this class until they are ready to move up to the next level. Develop your skills while having FUN in a competitive “team” atmosphere. Hoop Height: Pre-K=6″, K-1st grade= 8.5″, 2nd grade and up 10″

Small Group Elite

Advanced to Elite players will be matched with players of the same skill level to work on game speed ball handling, shooting, 1 vs. 1 moves and advanced transition drills and scrimmages each day. Players must be advanced/elite skill.

Advanced Skills Training

Improve your scoring, passing, ball handling, 1 vs. 1 moves, footwork, getting open, spacing, reading a screen. Then apply those skills to team style drills with live defense. 2 vs. 2 and 3 vs. 3 scrimmages each class. Advanced to elite players.

Skills & Scrimmage Clinic

30 Minutes of drills: shooting, ball handling & 1 vs. 1 moves followed by 30 minutes of live scrimmage time. 3 vs. 3 and 4 vs. 4 to let each player get lots of touches and opportunities to work on scoring in a live game. Matched up by skill.

Shooting Lab

Learn proper shooting form, footwork and how to catch the ball “ready” to shoot for a quicker release. Lots of shooting repetition but no defense so this is a great class to improve shooting form and consistency. Beginning to intermediate players.

Train 4 Tryouts

Take your skills to an elite level with advanced skills & drills. Each class will include ball handling, layups, shooting, passing, defense and rebounding. Prepare for the tempo, focus and skills for your team tryouts and season. Very competitive class for those serious about their upcoming tryouts. Intermediate to elite players.

Basketball 4 Beginners

New to basketball? Learn the basics so you can play in a league, attend tryouts or advance to a more challenging class. Focus will be on basic basketball fundamentals: ballhandling, layups, passing, form shooting and some of the more popular team style drills. Beginners only please.

Speed, Agility, & Transition

Improve your speed, agility and body control to gain an advantage over your opponent. Drills aim to help you become a better scorer, cutter and defender in the half court and in transition. We will incorporate tons of ball handling. All drills are basketball specific. Open to all skill levels.

Ball Handling & Shooting Clinic

Learn how to handle the ball with confidence with a variety of stationary and transition ball handling drills. Improve shooting form to become a more consistent shooter. Will learn lots of new drills to work on at home for ball handling and game speed shooting drills. Open to all skill levels.

Shot Creation Clinic

Learn how to create your own shot with elite ball handling drills and 1 vs. 1 moves that will help you set your defender up and blow right by them to score. This clinic will also incorporate tons of ball handling, jump-shots and moves to finish at the basket. We will do 1 vs. 1, 2 vs 2 games. Advanced to elite players only please.

Chloe, "The Gun"Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Join us at Elevate for a customized skills training experience on the court. We offer 1-on-1 Private Lessons, Semi-Private Group Training (either with your own group or be matched with an existing group) and Team Workouts. We do private lessons for future college bound players to beginners just wanting to learn the basics before joining a class. Our Elevate Basketball Academy Coaching Staff is excited to help you reach your basketball goals. Please email Director of Player Development/Head Coach Cindy Martin to set up your appointment:

Improve Your Shooting Form, Ball handling, 1 vs. 1 Moves, Footwork, Finishing at the Basket, Position Specific Skill Work and Basketball IQ. Lessons are 1 hour in length.

Tyler learning proper shooting formPricing:

1 Player = $150 Per Player
2 Players= $75 Per Player
3 Players =$50 Per Player
4 Players =$40 Per Player
5 Players =$35 Per Player
6 Players =$30 Per Player


Team workouts

We offer customized team workouts with one of our Certified Elevate Basketball Academy Coaches. Please email Director of Player Development / Head Coach Cindy Martin to schedule your team today:

Speed & Agility

Improve your speed, agility and body control to gain an advantage over your opponent in our Speed, Agility & Transition class. Drills aim to help you become a better scorer, cutter and defender in the half court and in transition. We will incorporate tons of ball handling. All drills are basketball specific. Open to all skill levels.  If you are looking for a customized experience or a team workout, we can incorporate our Speed & Agility as part or all of the workout.